In the forest of my mind
I let you shine
You were a candle in the mist
Like there was no other light
But the times are passing by
And you become a stranger now
Although I wanted something more
I'll stand and watch the stars alone
In the forest of my mind
I see you become so different now
And it is hard to realize
The things you're hiding in your heart
In another space and time
I think we could become as one
But now the end is coming close
And I have no strength to try
Even though I'm feeling down
I have a need to write you down
All the things I felt for you
All my feelings were so true
But there is no need to try
To find a path to walk on by
I should forget about you now
And I should start to look around
There must be another light
Another chance for me to try
Another feeling more secure
I have no more time to waste
For another pointless night
For the pleasures of my life
For some empty carnal thoughts
Just a cum and nothing more