The indie side of music - Giusurum (2009)

The indie side of music Our song "Who" is part of the excellent "The indie side of music" collection, compiled by

You can download the compilation for free by clicking here.

It's a great honour for us to participate in this effort of giusurum to gather in a cd a representative part the greek english speaking indie bands.

We hope u like it!

Thanx a lot giusurum!


1. Fall in parts - inversus
2. The Callas - Superman Died Yesterday
3. Jane Doe - The Bank Anthem
4. My Wet Calvin - Summer Crap
5. Matinee - b-side
6. Glorybox - Rain on Me
7. B-sides - Who
8. Deadbeat Escapement - A maze
9. Chromatic Sequence - the sky inside me
10. Vello Leaf - Stelar Wind
11. Nikos Fokas - Mary Bell's play
12. Strange Zero - The First Bar Tender
13. Carte postale - Music Land